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Community Q&A Question: Windsor motor

Asking About: Mustang On 3 Performance Single Turbo Kit (86-93) 5.0


Windsor motor

I currenyl have a 408w with 10.1 compression. This is a built motor with cast crank shaft. Other than that everything else is top the line. Motor already makes 585 hp. How much more will the Windsor block take before it reaches it's limit. How much power can a cast crank take before a catastrophe happens. Any info would be great. Thanks.
from killeen |

That is a bit of a loaded question as there are a lot of variables to this. For the block, I've seen folks run up to 700hp and be fine, then I have seen folks with less power than you blow them up because they revved it way too high. The deciding factor though will be that crankshaft. Do you know what brand it is or the specs on it?
from Hewitt |
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Eagle crank. Wasn't cheap - donald 5 years ago

Do you know the specs on it? They have versions ranging from 500hp rating to 1500hp at the crank.
- Karson 5 years ago

Not at this time I dont. But when I get to texas ill check and post. Just looking tos see if I can squeeze a little more out the motor. - donald 5 years ago

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