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Asking About: Mustang March Performance Ram Air Kit (86-93) 5.0



What would work better on an 86 gt with 70mm throttle body, ram air or cold air intake also why is there such a limited amount of parts for the 1986 gt model
from Tunkhannock |

Accepted Answer
This kit and a fenderwell mount cold air kit will both work very well as its keeping hot air away from the intake. This particular kit is very popular for folks doing period correct type modifications. It was one of the first intake type modifications out there for these cars. Having said that, I have ran both and power gains feel about the same. It really just comes down to preference. The 86 is sort of an odd ball year as its the last of the 4 eye car, and the first for efi. That is why you see year ranges often times omitting the 86 model. There is still a large bit of aftermarket that will still work with them.
from Hewitt |
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