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Asking About: Mustang Refurbished Spindle Assemblies, Pair (96-04)



does anyone out there know if these spindles will Bolt on to my 93 fox gt to make it a five lug swap and then if there is a way to spindles and brakes off of a 94-04 style mustang and bolt on to mine
from Glen burnie |
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These spindles will work on your 93 just fine and will make it possible to use sn95 style brakes. Everything will be relatively a straight forward bolt on install, but you will have to change ball joints. The threaded portion of the existing ball joint does not go far enough down to secure these properly, so some will stack washers under the nut to fill the void, and others will upgrade to sn95 ball joints. We recommend replacing the ball joints and have a kit just for the job, part number LRS-3075BK.
from Hewitt |
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