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91 gt

So call me stupid but I installed thus set up on my car fired right up but wanted to rerun my lifters. And noticed that my back oil drain on the heads is blocked off. Thinking I messed up I pulled it all back part to find out the heads aren't drilled the same as factory heads only one side of the head is drilled the same. Is this normal for these heads? I have one open at the back and the other sides open on the front of the engine. Don't see how it will drain good up hill
from Gilmer |
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Brian, I believe you go with one of our rep's on this but that particular hols in the head is offset at the mating surface and from the top all you can see is the head gasket material, however the oiling properties are not affected as this port is offset at the bottom allowing oil to drain back.
from Hewitt |
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