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I have a 1994 Mustang Croba.

I'm going to buy the top end kit you have ( Item #LRS-6049D-K ) with a bigger throttle body the professional 70mm ( Item #PP-69214 ) along with the pully kit ( Item #ASP-825928 ) is there anything else you would recommend for my motor without making where I can't put it back to stock being it only has 83,000 miles on it plus there was only a 1,000 of them made and it's a really nice car. I just don't want to make anything where I can't put it back to stock if I would like to and live it to my grand kids On that top end kit how good are the heads that come with that kit and is that cam good and does it have a good lop to it at idle because that is what I want but not to aggressive of a lope. Plus I'm going tonput long tube headers with x pipe exhaust dumped about half way back or behind the rear end with very good exhaust.
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Hey Johnny, give me a call at 254-296-6554 and I can get you taken care of. You should not need the boost a pump.
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Thanks I will give you a call but I see your out of stock in the top end I want or was looking at but as soon as you get them in I will call you plus I have over 3,900 dollars worth of things I'm going to get and maybe a few other things but I'm going to order everything at one time so the man who is putting it together will have everything there when he starts on it so thanks for your reply. I believe I'm going to just get a new fuel pump like the 255.
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