Community Q&A Question: So I think I messed up on ordering? How do you get the old bushings out without the sleeve?

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So I think I messed up on ordering? How do you get the old bushings out without the sleeve?

So I'm doing a rear end overhaul and ordered these bushings and the recommended Maximum Motorsports Rear Upper Axle Bushing Tool (79-04) but it says that this doesn't come with the metal sleeve and to reuse the one on the car. but this tool only removes the entire bushing (sleeve and all) so I'm confused on what to do. return the bushings? return the tool? if I return the tool then how does one remove just the rubber? (keep in mind I'm not going to remove the entire rear end this is all going to be done in/under car.) or is it like I remove the old entire bushing with tool then burn out the old bushing from sleeve then insert new bushing into old sleeve then reinstall the entire thing?

Thanks for any help on this matter going to be performing this upgrade on Wednesday any insight before then is much appreciated.
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Ok so I also made the mistake u did with the order except you managed to read lol the instructions befor me. I damaged my sleeve then I noticed the note on the bushing instructions to not remove the metal sleeve.... lMR should be specific when selling the removal tool as it only remove the entire bushing and sleeve. The tool is not for the removal of the bushing only. I now will be returning the tools and bushing. I'm going to install spherical bushings instead. Ok so to remove the bushing only use a 5/16 bit with a 1/2 inch drill. Start the drill on the edge between the rubber bushing and the metal sleeve. Work the drill slowly around the bushing. The drill bit will wedge itself between the bushing and sleeve, eventually pulling the bushing out of the sleeve. Do not burn it off if the axle is not removed as the gas lines and tank are too close. Good luck...oh doing it this way You will need to replace the sleeve as well. I had too as the tool did not work for me. - Fernando 3 years ago

Oh once the bushing is out you will need to bend the sleeve with a flat tip chisel and the smack it out of the housing - Fernando 3 years ago
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You can fill out a RMA form for the tool. I took a drill and drilled my bushings out. I got the biggest drill bit and just started drilling out the rubber. eventually there was enough rubber removed, so I could just push it out. Hope that helps Jason.
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