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Oil pan gasket

I was wondering how can I change it on a 2003 Mustang GT without pulling the motor out? Is there a way to hold the engine up and drop the K member? Thanks, Im not a big fan of Dealerships, They destroyed my 02 Explorer and hope that I can do this job myself.
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If you have access to an engine support bar, you can take the motor mounts loose and lift the engine enough to be able to swap out the gasket. For added clearance, you can even loosen the k-member bolts to allow the k-member to hang a bit.
from Hewitt |
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It is possible to change the Oil pan Gasket with the motor still in the car, however it is not a simple task. Most people take it to a mechanic because they do not have access to the tools needed to do the job correctly. It really is best to do it on a lift that way you have plenty of room to work on things. It could be accomplished on the ground with jack stands but will be extremely difficult. There is a support bar available that fits across the engine bay. This tool has chains on it that will bolt to the motor and support it while the K-member is lowered down or removed from the car. This is the way most shops would attack this project.
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