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351W hydraulic roller retrofit

So I have a 1984 block that is flat tappet. How difficult is the retrofit, and do you gave a kit as I don't see it mentioned in the online manual or document on ur page for this build? Finally my goal is to have a power adder. Starting mild at 7 psi...will te block and components hold up or should I just build it according and take my time?
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In order to convert your 84 block to roller, a link-bar style lifter will be required. As for this shortblock, it can be used and most of the components you have will work except for front brackets and the intake. Those are all 351 specific. If you google fox body 351 swap, there are several write ups throughout the forums that illustrate what all is involved in the swap. While we have customers running forced induction with these, due to the cast pistons, we recommend naturally aspiration use only.
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  • Mustang 351w Short Block Accepts Roller Cam (79-95) 5.8L
    351w Short Block Accepts Roller Cam (79-95) 5.8L
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