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Use With Stock Alternator

What will happen if I use this regulator without replacing my stock alternator? I'm looking for a cheap fix with my bad regulator currently, but I want to upgrade to 3G later on. Rather than replacing my regulator twice, I'd like to install this one for the 3G upgrade before I actually do the 3G upgrade. Is there any reason I cannot use this 3G external regulator box with my stock alternator on my 1985 Mustang GT? What might I have to do to ensure that my car will run properly with this half 3G setup? Or is it a direct fit replacement plug and play? The 3G plug that comes with this will not fit on my stock alternator, so will I have to do a Jerry-rig setup? How might I do that safely and properly?

I have already purchased and received this product. I swapped my old regulator with this one and proceeded to do a test drive. As I drove around town, my direction signals slowed until they no longer worked. The heater blower slowed, and my headlights would not turn on. My alternator is no longer providing enough charge and may not even be working at all. I fear I will have to re-install my old regulator.
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I talked with PA Performance on this and they say this plug cannot be used with a stock alternator and you can't use a stock regulator with a 3G alternator. A 3G alternator is internally regulated, PA uses the circuitry in their new metal box to allow the older cars to communicate with the newer alternator.
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OK, thanks. That is very helpful. - Branden 3 years ago
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