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4R70W Street Strip

the 4R70W was not put in my 04 Mach 1 it was factory with the 4R75W. will this transmission work in my car due to the changes to the vss on the 04's?
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This will work fine in place of the 4R75W and you will not have to do any changes to install in your Mach 1. The 4R75W is just a mildy "beefed up" 4R70W. They had upgraded clutch packs and modified fluid valving to have higher power capacity compared to the factory 4R70W. This Street Strip transmission well exceeds the capabilities of the 4R75W that you currently have.
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My car is an 04 which uses an odd and vss where there 03 and under does not. This is my concern with this being an 4r70w where as they did not come on them. Default
Also the way you tell the difference between the 4R70W and the 75 by looking at them , the 75 has an extra sensor right above the shift linkage , the 75 has an OSS sensor and a VSS sensor !
- josh 4 years ago

I have contacted Performance Automatic on the question and the Gentleman I need to speak to is gone for the new year. As soon as I get an answer from them I will relay the information to you. - Scott 4 years ago

I heard back from Performance automatic this morning. They do have a separate number for the 4R75W but is a custom order type deal since they rarely get a request for it. The 4R75W specific version of this transmission is $2635.69 It is not something they have sitting on the shelf so it would be built for you and sent out after you ordered it. Whenever they build a transmission it is shipped 7-10 business days after the time of order. If you wish to go this route, please let us know and we will get everything in motion for you. - Scott 4 years ago

Thanks for the quick response. And answered my question. - josh 4 years ago

No problem, sorry for the first answer. I was going off of the product information that I had available to me at the time. - Scott 4 years ago
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