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Asking About: Mustang Trick Flow Track Max Harmonic Balancer For 28oz (82-95) 5.0



The box said 289_351 v8 up to 1980 not 5.0 but in this website it said from 82 _ 93 5.0 I'm confused, i would like to know for my own sake if it is possible to use the tfs 19006 on my 89 5.0, it's confusing as hell because on the summit racing website it said not for 5.0 wth???? has anyone used this balancer on a mildly modded stang?
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The factory 5.0 from 82-93 has a 50oz balance, where the earlier engines were 28oz. 80's era 351 engines are also 28oz and it is not uncommon for built or rebuilt engines to be balanced to 28oz. If your car is a factory fox 5.0, you will need to get the balancer for a 50oz application.
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