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These wheels on a foxbody

I am planning to put these wheels on my foxbody that as far as suspension goes is completely stock. Just to be sure I was wondering if you could tell me EVERYTHING I need to put these wheels on my car. I know I need to remove the quad shocks and get some upper and lower control arms. My real questions lie in the area of the front wheels and having to get the sn95 spindles. I'd just like a list of everything I'd need so I can fit it into my budget. Thanks.
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You are on the right track for the rear of the car. A basic 5 lug conversion on the back with drums would be all you would need to make these fit. For the front, you will need SN95 spindles, rotors, calipers and hoses. The existing ball joints can be used if they are in good shape, but you would need to use a stack of washers or a spacer of some kind to properly tighten the nut down on the ball joint as sn95 spindles are thinner than fox spindles. You could also swap to sn95 ball joints to alleviate that issue. Aside from the above components, you will also need part number LRS-2078HDW for the passenger side brake hose to properly fit. Drivers side is already the correct size. That is really all that is needed to do a proper SN swap on the front, and these wheels would then bolt right on at that point. If you are sitting and factory ride height, these tire sizes can be used with minor massaging. If it is lowered, when you are ready, give us a call at 866-507-3786, and one of our customer care reps can set you up with the appropriate tire sizes to clear.
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