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How would I wire in this kit if my car had a chevy alternator installed when I got it? The factory harness for the alternator is hacked up
from Manchester |
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I believe the Chevrolet alternator is a one wire hook up. If this is the case you should basically have to return your harness back to stock and everything should work fine. I'm not sure if you watched our how to video but it shows you how to install the new plugs supplied with the kit onto an existing harness. If you keep following your factory alternator harness, you should be able to find where the factory wires were cut. Normally when someone modifies a harness like this they never completely take the wires out, they just cut them back and tape them up in the original harness somewhere. Let us know if there are any other questions you might have that aren't covered in the video.
from hewitt |
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