Community Q&A Question: This combo for lowered '95 GT Convertible?

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This combo for lowered '95 GT Convertible?

Two questions, really....
My car is dropped about 1.5 inches, front and back. Will all four tires be clear with these rims? I'd like to run 265/35-18 in front and 285/35-18 in back.
Also, will the rear wheels come out flush with the fender (what I want), or is all the added width just going deeper into the wheel wells? I don't want deep dish wheels, but I want a wider stance in back. Thanks!
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Matt- Yes you can run a 265/65-18 and 285/35-18 with that set up, it would sit pretty flush with the rear fender. The way the offset is it would put them in just a little so you wouldn't make contact with your rear fender lip.
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Thanks Eddy! My stock rims are 8 inches. So it would be accurate to say the added 2 inches of width would MOSTLY be outward, but some would be inward? I'm fine with the tires being slightly inside the fender above. - Matt 3 years ago

Yes sir that is correct, I would say a 1 1/2 out from what you have now. - Eddy 3 years ago

Great. Many thanks. I think I'm going to order them when they're back in stock. - Matt 3 years ago
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