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I think I'll wait.

The last time I got HID's for my 96 Cobra, the light was spread all over and wasn't where the light should be. The HID's also did'nt fit in the fog light assembly.(the bulb was too long) As mentioned already...the striking issue was nuts. Hit a small bump and the lights flicker, they were unreliable. Now that I have a 94 GT, I think I'll wait for LM to do a "how to" or video review of the LED's before I dump $100+ getting the combo kit. To as much help as I can give, I have LED headlight on my 2014 Harley and I love it! As long as the reflectors are built right on the headlight assembly, the light is directed right where you need it and does'nt blind others. I'm looking forward to LM's video and review!
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There are a bunch of inferior HID kits on the market. I too have attempted use of them and eventually gave up after several sets for the same reasons your mentioning. I currently have these LED's in my 05 Roush in its required fitments for headlights and fog lights, and after almost 7 months of daily use each morning, they have not acted up once. They run much cooler, and fire up every time. I don't upset oncoming traffic like I did with universal HID kits either. Keep an eye out, and we'll get our video up soon.
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How soon is soon for the video? - Stephen 4 years ago

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