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Airraid CAI Kit.

Hello, i bought a SCT SF4 Power Flash Tuner for my 06 GT. However, i did not buy a CAI im just using a drop in K&N. My question is, will i see a huge difference with this CAI with my tuner, or will i be happy with the tuner and drop in K&N? I have read that Ford makes the intake as "cold" as it will be as it is. Also aftermarket bolt on CAI like this one here actually drawns in much warmer air, basically calling after market CAI bolt on's a gimmick. What is your stance? If i will get a nice jump with one and my Tuner i will not hesitate to purchase this unit. Thank you!
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I ran the jlt in a 2008 that I had with the sct, I could tell a difference in with the jlt, you can actually hear it sucking in more air. I personally haven't ran the airaid but about the same design as the jlt.
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This product is no longer available.
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  • Mustang Airaid Cold Air Intake Kit (05-09) 4.6L
    Airaid Cold Air Intake Kit (05-09) GT 4.6L
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