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I have a 1994 Mustang Croba

Will this can work with my stock gt40 heads and if so what all do I need to upgrade to or should I go with the B303 can but I want a aggressive lope exhaust tone at idle without rebuilding my top end or upgrade my heads right now so please let me know what is the best way I need to go
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Johnny, you can use this cam on your 94 Cobra or I would suggest the E303 as well.
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Thanks for your answer on the cam. Like I said I have number 12 out of a thousand 1994 mustang croba convertible with 72,645 miles on it and right now I don't want to do much to the motor but some good upgrades like a new cam with a aggressive lope exhaust tone at idle and some small other upgrades that I can easily go back to stock because there is not a scratch on the car plus it's has never been rained on or left outside overnight. I'm the second owner but the first one bought it new and took great care of it so I don't want to mess with a nice car that they didn't make many of but I want to make it sound mean and look great to so any suggestions will be great. - Johnny 4 years ago
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