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c4 verses 5r55s

What is the difference between the c4 and the 5r55s super streetfighter? Pros cons? Also how much horsepower/torque is this c4 rated to handle ?
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The super-streeter transmission are rated up around 450hp at the crank. The main differences between the c4 and 5r55 transmission are the c4 is only a 3 speed and non computer controlled where as the 5R55 is a five speed transmission that is fully computer controlled. C4 pro's: simple functionality, lighter weight, cheaper. C4 Cons: no overdrive, Not a bolt in for the S-197 platform. 5r55s Pros: closer ratio gear sets, over drive ratios help with street applications for cruising, Cons: higher price tag, Must have computerized transmission controller for older applications. Heavier that C4
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  • Mustang C4 Street Smart Transmission Kit (96-14) 4.6L/5.0L/5.4L
    C4 Street Smart Transmission Kit (96-14) 4.6L/5.0L/5.4L
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