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How do you chose a good street/strip tire?

I am trying to find a good tire to run on my car, I drive it every day to work rain or shine, to the track on the weekends and make a few passes. It just blows off the tires threw 1st, 2nd and breaks loose in 3rd. I want to continue to race it but don't want to haul a set of slicks with me in the back seat. So between the NT555R, NT555, and NT05 which is going to be the best suited for my situation? Thanks!
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All of those would be a pretty good choice! I'm currently daily driving my car in the rain and shine and i'm running the NT555's. The NT555 for me has had a very good tread ware to it, hasn't worn out quickly or anything. The NT555R is going to be a drag radial so it's not going to do as well in the rain and you'll have to be very careful when driving in it. The NT05 is also not going to be the best tire for the rain. All of them get pretty good traction though!
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