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5.8 Windsor question

I have a 351 Windsor, that I stroked to 380, back in 1993. Since then I have been using the Lighting GT-40 intake, which was hand ported. My cam is the Crane retro fit cam that was a custom grind at the time but Crane has since made a catalog piece. 0.542/0.562. The car is a 5 speed car with 3.73 rear. In your best estimation, how would the Edelbrock RPM II (5.8L) intake and the Trick Flow (5.8L) intake impact performance. Also what are the difference in the flow characteristics between the 3 intakes. Thanks
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The biggest impact in performance is where you feel the power throughout the RPM range. With the trickflow you will have alittle more bottom end torque with an RPM range around 1500-5500. The RPM II will still give you torque on the bottom end but the power band is a little woder from 1500-6500 RPM. Its hard to say how much better both intakes will flow compared to your ported GT-40 intake but the Trickflow does flow slightly better than the RPM II.
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    Edelbrock Performer RPM II Intake Satin (86-95) 5.8
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