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CFI to carb conversion

I have a 1985 gt conv auto trans it was the last of the CFI inj carb I think this is the worst piece of crap design ever made the car has never had proper power even after a complete rebuild from the crank up still worthless on power seems it is always starving for gas I don't want to put any money in that fuel system. I want to replace the original intake with the edelbrock performer and holley 600cfm and a fuel regulater then disconnect all the electronic CFI. I'm sure this has been done many before what will be the draw backs? I really noticed the differance when I picked up a 1987 gt 5speed conv 120,000 miles for $3,000 excellent condition obviously garrage kept origanal paint every panel including hood has matching ser#'s the responce time speed and performance is unbelievable
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The carb will give you bad gas mileage and the driveablity is not as good. The CFI is better than a carb and not as good as EFI.
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How can I pick up the get up and gp on this year and build? The day I parked this mustang a ford fiesta kicked my behind from a dead stop run at a q mile I coulden't even catch them. For this to happen something is deffenatly wrong I was so embarrassed I parked the mustang. I know the 87 mustang would of ate that little ford fiesta for lunch. where should start on this 85 CFI? - jeff 3 years ago

You could go to either a carb or efi to gain HP. - BRYAN 3 years ago

I am doing the exact same build. I'm getting this intake and a holley 600 I expect around 40-50 hp gain. The efi is good for daily driving and mpg but it's too slow and there's a lot of cars that try to race and it just sucks. It's definetly going to be worth it to switch to carb. - Jacob 3 years ago

I mean CFI not EFI - Jacob 3 years ago

Let me know how it turns out. Yeah it is kind of weird how they did not use CFI on the standards during those couple of years only automatics. I was one step away from putting nitros but I don't want to beat up the engine just make it run the way it should of from the factory when it was built. thanks for your input let me know how it goes Jeff - jeff 3 years ago
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