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injectors sizing

Ok so some of us know how to roughly calculate injector and their HP potential by taking injector size X 16. Now I read above response, injector being too big! I thought one could slightly oversize injectors and just adjust fuel pressure lower to increase flow or via injectors pulse via programming is this not the case?
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Adjusting fuel pressure always has been and always will be a band-aid approach to altering fuel delivery. Running too large of an injector for a given application will kill idle and part throttle driveability. The larger the injector, the less efficient it is at low/no load and rpm. Also, your rule of thumb injector size X 16 is quite a bit off as well, on the high side. Using that formula would end up leading you to believe that a 36lb injector is sufficient for 576hp. In reality they are good up to about 450.
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