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one 3 turbo kit

how much hp can expect if I put this on a 100% stock 5.0? can I run this system with stock tb maf and fuel system?
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A stock 5.0 will typically put around 185rwhp to the ground. This will easily double even triple that number, however, maf and fuel system modifications will be required and to what extent will depend on how much boost you plan to run. This will require a custom tune, so I would contact who you plan to have tune the car with your hp goal, and they will recommend what components need to be upgraded to reach that number based off of what they are comfortable tuning with. Different tuners will have different preferences on things such as injector size, fuel pump size etc.
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I would probably run between 5 to 8 pounds of boost. this seems cheaper than doing a hci setp up - Brendan 4 years ago

My old fox body with a bone stock 5.0, after adding a Hellion single turbo kit, doubled rear wheel numbers from 198hp/230tq to 405hp/443tq. Turbo FTW!!! - Mat 4 years ago

on how much boost - Brendan 4 years ago

It's been years since I had that setup. Back when they first introduced the fox body kit with the 62mm turbo. I believe 10lbs. - Mat 4 years ago
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