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Could I run this kit on a street car with daily use and use 93 octane, sense it is 11:8:1 compression. And will it be street-able. Also one last thing, is this 347 stroker kit give me the most power out of all the 347 kits you guys offer? Thank you.
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You would want to run a larger combustion chamber head to keep your compression ratio in the 11.0:1-11.5:1 range. I would honestly recommend 11.0:1 for a serious street car because of the variations with today's fuel octane levels. For a Naturally aspirated engine the higher compression 347 kit will have the most potential for making power on a production block 302. Keep in mind though that the rotating assembly is only 1 component to an engine build. You need to carefully plan out which cylinder heads, intake system and valve-train you are going to run in order to meet your specific goals. It would be best to sit down with a reputable machine shop or engine builder to plan out your build and make sure it is the correct route you want to go in order to meet your goals.
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Ok. So could I use 93 octane with no problems. I also am going to put a vortech v-3 supercharger with 10lb of boost and I'm going to run a comp extreme energy cam. For heads I was going to use AFR 185cc intake and 58cc combustion heads. And intake I was going to use a Holley systemax ll intake with a 75 mm throttle body - Tyler 4 years ago

you can not run boost on a high compression motor like that and expect it to live long. If you want to go forced induction you would need a motor with 8.5:1 or 9.0:1 compression ratio. - Scott 4 years ago

Ok thanks for letting me know. If I just ran all motor and no boost would all of the parts work good together. - Tyler 4 years ago

The heads would be ok, but you might want to go with a higher flowing intake like the TFS R series or something similar to it. also you need to talk with the engine builder to spec out a camshaft that will meet your needs. - Scott 4 years ago

Ok. Now if I would change the head and make 10:1 compression would that be a little more street worthy. And would I still have to find a different camshaft because I would like to use the com cam extreme energy - Tyler 4 years ago

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    Scat 347 Forged Rotating Assembly - Domed Pistons, H Beam Rods (79-95)
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