Community Q&A Question: GT40X heads on my 90 LX

Asking About: Mustang Ford Racing GT40x Cylinder Head 64cc (79-95) 5.0L/5.8L


GT40X heads on my 90 LX

If I put these GT40X cyl, heads on my 90 LX, can I still use the stock cam, lifters, and rockers? What intake manifold and T.B. size will work best with this set up. Can I use the stock injectors? Thanks, Fritz
from Douglassville |
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Accepted Answer
Fritz, You can use the Ford Racing GT40X heads on a stock short block with the stock cam, lifters and rockers. I would suggest at least a 65 MM throttle body and the TFS Street burner intake as a good combo. Stock injectors can be used but upgrading to 24 lb injectors and a 70mm Mass Air calibrated for those injectors would be even better, as well as a set of pedistal mount roller rockers.
from Hewitt |
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