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these are not simple i understand i will have the cut the housing for the light to fit into to withe the new rubber on the back but how do i wire in the two wires that stick out im guessing for the led bulb inside
from Perry Hall |
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Hey Tommy,
You are correct, the metal bucket will have to be modified a bit to allow proper fitment. As for wiring, These come with new pigtails, but your factory plugs should plug right into the main bulb in the assembly. There is also a secondary small blue bulb that just adds some color to the housing and what most do is wire those up separately with a relay and switch so they can turn them on when they choose at car shows and such, or you can tie them into your park light power/ground so that when you have your park lights on and headlights off, the headlights will light up a soft blue. Those bulbs have a pigtail attached with a red for + and black for - so there is no guess work. Some will also leave that bulb unused as it does not increase light output.
from Hewitt |
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