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Stock mustang 83 5.0

I have a stock 83 5.0 with a performer intake already. Will I be able to reuse my 1.73 roller rockers and the stock pushrods with these edelbrock heads? How much of a power increase could I expect with these heads on my stock short block and my upgrades?
from Wrightstown |
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Mike, That combo might work with the stock cam. I am not familiar with the 83 piston used as to whether it had reliefs on the tops or if they were flat tops but these heads have smaller valves which often can be used in those combinations. These heads can use pedistal style rockers and it may be possible to run a 1.7 ratio rocker but in any case using this head I would measure piston to valve clearance before final assembly. I would look for 35-40 hp increase with these heads on a 83 short block.
from Hewitt |
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