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0 more "D"???

So I've looked over the other questions and hope I'm not asking a redundant or stupid question. I understand how it works I'm just curious with this valve body there is no more "D"RIVE selection? Am I understanding that correctly? So if I was to stick it in what would normally be "D" which is obviously the first 3 gears, instead it would be in second or does is just "hold" like it says when you're racing it? Would "D" still function normally if you just put it in "D" and drove it putting it in "OD" when you needed 4th gear? This is more out of curiosity than anything, I normally drive it in "D" is why I'm asking only putting it in "OD" when necessary. Thanks for any info.
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Due to the re-working of the valve body if you put your shifter into D it will only allow for it to shift from 1st to 2nd. They transmission will shift normally if the shifter is put into the OD selection.
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