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cam me

Will TF stage 2 cams fit well on stock GT40 heads? I have a 95 SVT with stock heads. Do I have to replace the springs as well? I'm hoping to add shorty headers and a cold air kit. Thanks
from Houston |
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Joe, the stage 2 cam will work well but you will need to check piston to valve clearance and possibly make larger reliefs on the pistons depending on the rocker arms you are using.
from Hewitt |

do you recommend a stage 1 cam for a stock engine? - Joe 5 years ago

Stage 1 on a stock engine is a bit much with the intake and heads being as restrictive as they are. You will get a nice rough sounding idle but the performance you are paying for and work you are putting in will not be realized until you also upgrade the heads, intake, throttle body, mass air etc...
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