chad kollar - 1993 mustang cobra

Im the 3rd owner of this rare 93 cobra. the second was my father, he bought it used in october of 93. so i know all about the maintenance of this beauty. now for the engine. it has a holley systemax upper and lower intake with a 1/2in spacer, 30lb injectors, mac lt's with h pipe and mac dumps, e303 cam, 76mm c&l maf, 70 mm tb, sve upper and lower control arms, and a full tubular front end, with mac caster/camber plates. the tires are nitto 01 drag radials. it was dyno tuned by alternatve performance in chesterfield twp michigan. it put down 297hp and 299tq. no times yet but, i have raced an srt-4 with a huge FMIC and intake and beat him pretty handley, also a supercharged 94 gt and put 3 cars on him really quick, and a few other cobras as well. their honestly no match for this car. a 98 cobra beat me before the tune. it is currently parked for the winter, which is fine but it needs new trans as well. future mods are: a turbo kit from on3 performance, and possibly a 347 stroker kit from chp. love these foxes and the 03-04 cobra body styles as well :)

chad kollar's 1993 mustang cobra