Coltin Winkler - 1987 Ford Mustang GT

Bought the car last year at the end of October, Its mostly all original and has 132,xxx miles on its original 302 and automatic tranny. Its dark grey with grey interior, the only mod it has at the moment is exhaust tips exiting in front of the back tires ^(pic before the exhaust tips)with only 2 cats going to replace them with some mufflers later down the road. The best story i got so far is when i took my friend out one night for a ride in it and we found a nice straight and tried to top it out and its a pretty good 1-2 miles long. I put the hammer down and before i let out of it we were running 4 grand in overdrive with the stock 2.73 gears and the windows would not go up and there electric.

Coltin  Winkler's 1987 Ford Mustang GT