Keith Rutkowski - 1979 Mustang Cobra

This is actually my fathers car and im recieving it. Its in storage because he is in the marine corps and was stationed in washington Dc, we stoad it away in tennesse with my uncle. When going to fix it we realized that it had alot of rust damage. And decided to find a cheap donor (1984 mustang gt). Its engine has undescribable power its a bored out 302. The heads he got for it was a steal he traded some mustang wheels for them and when talking to a macanic he pleaded to install the heads for him. Supposed to be some sort of prototype heads I dont have the full story but this car has had been off the ground and is a low 11 second car or was any ways im saving up now to fix up the donor car I have it needs alot done to it but has a stable body, by the way i saved up for the donor, I work and about 75% of my paycheck goes into my car fund

Keith Rutkowski's 1979  Mustang Cobra