Harris Lue - 1993 Ford Mustang LX

Four short years ago a 15 year old kid's dreams of owning his very own "Fox Body" Mustang were quickly fading. As he and his father, with a price range from $500-1000, looked endlessly for a decent car, their chances ran thin and it was determined that they would have to settle for a 2.3L 4-cyl Model. The car they had in mind was a Bright Calypso Green 4-banger hatchback they had found on Craigslist. After a short drive to Durham, NC they pulled up to the home of the owner and checked out the car. Upon first look the car was rough with a duct-tape quarter-window, no rear carpet, a broken driver's seat, house paint in the hatch area, and upholstery that reeked of cigarettes. It was rough but the body was sound and rust was nowhere to be seen. So with $800 and a dream they took a chance on what seemed to be a lump of coal and spent the next three years turning it into a diamond.

The car had been owned by an elderly man who painted houses and porches on the side and the only truck available to him was the hatch of his Calypso Green '93 LX. Not only did house paint spill everywhere but the weight from the buckets wore out the shocks and ruined the rear suspension. The man also smoked causing the whole interior to yellow and smell horrible, but these things wouldn't stop that kid and his father because there was something that they could see, something that was there or would be there all they needed was time.

The kid is Harris Lue, 18 year old Graphic Design major currently attending East Carolina University, who has always had a passion for Mustangs and has spent his last few years working on his '93 Lx with his father and mechanic Rick Lue. About three months after the car had been in his possession Harris sat down and designed his own version of the car they came to call "The Calypso".

With an '85 GT style hood stripe and an '83 hood-scoop the design embraced the essence of the "4-eyed" fox of the early years while the gunmetal pony wheels added a new school twist to the classic fox wheels. At the time this was only a vision but with hard work and wise spending the design became reality and is the exact way the car sits now.

This project has remained low budget from day one with many trips to the local junkyard and the help of Latemodel Restoration Supply's low prices and awesome products. The entire interior has been replaced with things such as cloth seats from an '04 coupe, new black carpet and floor-mats, leather shift knob and boot, aluminum pedal covers, repainted plastic and much more. Also key in keeping the project low-budget, all of the work has been performed by Harris and Rick in their backyard in Oxford, NC. From gutting the entire interior to custom painting the rims they have done it themselves and are in the early stages of building a 302 V8 for an engine swap project.


• Black Carpet
• Pony logo Floor-mats
• '04 Mustang Coupe Seats
• Opal Grey Repainted interior Plastic
• Leather Shift Boot
• '03 Cobra Leather Shift Knob
• Aluminum Pedal Covers
• Custom Ash Tray Delete iPod Holder
• Custom Painted Pony Logo Under Hatch Plastic
• Manual locks, Windows, Mirrors

Sound System

• Sony X plod Head Unit
• JVC amp
• NOS8 8" Bass Tube
• Custom iPod Input and Ash Tray Delete
• Ford Premium Sound Component Speakers


• LUE designs '85 GT style hood Stripe
• '83 GT Hood Scoop and Grille
• New CDC Grille Bar Delete
• '04 V6 Mustang Tri-Bar Quarter-panel Badges
• Blackout Spoiler Vinyl
• Sunroof
• Clear Headlights
• Bright Calypso Green Paint
GT Hatch and Spoiler
Custom "Calypso" Vinyl work
Custom "LUE" designs Hatch Ford Badge

Rims and Tires

• 16" Custom Painted Gunmetal Pony Wheels
• Doral SDL 50 245/50/16 Tires

Suspension and Handling

• LRS Specific Rate Economy Springs

Engine and Drive-train

• '93 2.3L
• Spectre Cold Air Intake
• Mini Cooper S Air Filter
• A/C Delete/Bypass
• Emissions Systems Delete/Bypass
• Dual Thrush Glass-pack Exhaust
• Stock t-5 Transmission
• Duralast Replacement Clutch

Harris Lue's 1993 Ford Mustang LX

Harris Lue's 1993 Ford Mustang LX

Harris Lue's 1993 Ford Mustang LX

Harris Lue's 1993 Ford Mustang LX

Harris Lue's 1993 Ford Mustang LX