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Eli Andujar - 1998 Ford Mustang GT

My Stang is a rescued 1998 GT that was being beaten to death at the track. I purchased the car with some racing goodies such as under drive pulleys, 3.73 gears, racing clutch, cold air intake, off road x-pipe exhaust with headers and Flowmaster exhaust. It had a racing suspension which was set up for launching, but was blown to death with all the launches it must have endured. I have been bringing the car back to life by first washing the car, because it seemed like it wasn't washed in years.
Since then I've been upgrading the car by rebuilding the heads, because the headers weren't the right year for the car, smoother suspension, and a total upgrade over all of the exterior. My Stang is now my daily driver, and I love driving it daily, but don't mistake it for just another old Mustang, because it can still stampede with the best of them.

Eli Andujar's 1998 Ford Mustang GT