Brian Drumm - 1989 Ford Mustang

The car, as my wife calls it, is the 'Black Cloud" of the family. We bought it about 5 years ago with a stock motor and fresh paint. At 140K miles I figured it was time for a rebuild. I've been working on these motors for years so I ordered some bearings rings and had the bock machined and wala, fresh rebuild. It wasn't 2,000 miles later I was getting out of the way of a fire truck and we bottomed the pan on a raised section of a ditch. Not realizing it, we pinched the pan and oil pick up and starved the motor of oil....time for another rebuild. I opted for a DSS 331 Bullet short block and a ton of goodies, about 15K worth to be exact. To make a long story short, I spun a rod bearing with less than 1,000 miles on the motor and DSS refused to warranty it, even though a local speed shop did the entire install. They thought they were doing me a favor by selling me a new crank, 2 rods, bearings and rings at cost. I got the motor put back together and something just wasn't right so I sent the entire rotating assembly back to DSS to have the balance checked. They said the rotating assembly was .49 grams off and charged me to re balance their own assembly. I got the motor back together, again, and still wasn't right. I ended up getting a hold of a local machine shop, NORPA Machine, and they set me up right. They freshened up the DSS block for me and checked the balance on the rotating assembly. Wouldn't ya know it, DSS still hadn't done it right. The entire assembly was still off and needed to be re balanced. I figured it wouldn't be a bad idea to have them freshen up the TFS heads, so they gave those a whirl as well. Another $2,000 later and I finally have the ride back up and running. Or so I thought. The car ran great until I installed a MSD ignition in the car. It just wouldn't start a week after the install. I ended up having it trailered to the local FORD dealer and they said the stater and ignition module in the distributor are bad. One call to LMR and the parts were sent right out at no charge. (Thank you LMR!) I went to the dealership, installed my OEM distributor to get me home and BOOM, the black cloud hits again. Half way home there was wining coming from the motor, looked at the oil pressure gauge and it was reading 0. When I pulled the dizzy, it took the oil pump shaft out along with it. So now the motor is sitting in the garage waiting yet again, another rebuild. My wife and I at this point are about to call it quits on this 89 and just focus on our 79 Pace Car. Well see what happens. Below is a lost of parts on the car.

DSS 331 Short block 10.1 compression $1,999.99
labor: Fresh rebuild & balance w/Hastings rings $1,900.40
Trick Flow Twisted Wedge 170/66cc heads $1,199.99
labor: Head refresh, cut valves new guides $350.00
Fel Pro Z10112 head gaskets $37.95
Trick Flow pushrods $44.95
Trick Flow 1.6 Rockers $269.95
Trick Flow stage 1 cam $169.99
Ford Racing lifters $99.99
Ford Racing double roller timing chain $64.99
Ford Racing valve cover gaskets $34.95
Melling oil pump shaft $11.95
OEM oil pump $34.99
Fel Pro one piece oil pan gasket $31.95
Trick Flow Track Heat intake manifold $529.99
Trick Flow valve covers $109.99
Trick Flow oil filler tube $39.99
PVC pick-up screen $26.98
Professional Products 75mm throttle body $149.99
75mm 2" EGR spacer $30.00
OEM throttle position sensor $35.00
C&L 76mm 30lb mass air system $229.99
K&N cone filter $39.99
OEM 28oz balancer $89.60
OEM waterpump $39.99
180 degree thermostat $6.00
3G alternator conversion $149.99
MARCH adjustible alternator bracket $79.99
BBK silver underdrive pulleys $119.99
Convertible motor mounts $79.99
IAC adjuster $59.99
Ford Racing chrome dip stick $24.99

Walbro 255 fuel pump $95.00
Ford Racing 30lb Ev6 fuel injectors $184.99
Accufab adjustible fuel pressure regulator $129.99
Braided fuel line from fender to fuel rail $100.00

MSD 6AL-2 Ignition Box MSD-6421 $251.95
MSD Distributor MSD-8456 $279.90
MSD TFI Blaster Coil MSD-8227 $49.99
MSD adapter harness MSD-8874 $21.99
Ford Racing 9mm red ignition wires $42.95
NKG 7373 spark plugs $28.00

Eibach Pro Kit springs $224.99
KYB struts/shocks $299.99
Sub frame connectors $99.99
Late Model Restro tubular control arms $169.99

Steering rack limiters $19.99
Maxim Motorsports steering shaft $209.99

Power Slot front slotted rotors $199.99
OEM drum rebuild kit $49.99
Maxim Motorsports stainless steel brake hoses $124.99

Wheels & Tires
89 Saleen replica 17x8 front & 17x9 rear $475.96
front tires $380.00
rear tires $400.00

BBK shorty headers $180.00
Pypes catted X-Pipe $323.99
Flowmaster American Thunder cat back $354.99

Ford Racing 28oz balancer $239.99
Spec Stage 1 clutch $228.99
UPR adjustible clutch calbe $79.99
Rebuilt t-5 transmission $450.00
Ebay adjustible shifter $63.00
Poly Eurothane trans mount $29.99

Autometer Oil Pressure electric gauge $71.30
Autometer Water Temp electric gauge $43.00
Autometer dash mounted gauge pods $79.99
Late Model Restro front seatbelt kit $249.99
Raptor mini shift light $104.99

2 piece sunroof weatherstrip kit $44.99
Trick Flow thermaplugs $39.99
autozone AL radiator $99.99
EGR delete harness $23.99
coolant temp sensors $25.00
Late Model Restro electric fan kit $139.99
Late Model Restro negative battery cable $36.99
Late Model Restro positive battery cable $16.99

Ford Racing Traction Loc w/carbon discs $214.99
Yunko 31 spline axles $189.99
Ford Racing 3.73 gears $137.99
8.8 rear gear super install kit $99.99
labor $350.00


Brian Drumm's 1989 Ford Mustang

Brian Drumm's 1989 Ford Mustang

Brian Drumm's 1989 Ford Mustang

Brian Drumm's 1989 Ford Mustang

Brian Drumm's 1989 Ford Mustang