Jeff Knott - 1985 Ford Saleen Mustang

My Saleen is all stock. I bought it in '87 with 18k miles. Sold it '90 with 69k miles. Bought it back in '97 with 69k miles. It now has 120k miles. I have driven it to 3 of the 5 year anniversary shows. Charlotte in '99, Nashville in '04 and to Birmingham in '09. Steve Saleen has signed my car 3 times and his wife Liz signed it once. I went to a show in Glen Burnie, MD in 2010. Steve Saleen picked my car as his favorite, out of about 30 Saleens. I got a nice trophy for that. It has been a very enjoyable car! Thanks to Ford and Steve Saleen!

Jeff Knott's 1985 Ford Saleen Mustang