David Cahill - 1991 Ford Mustang 5.0 GT

Whats goin on LRS! First off, thanks for having a awesome place available to get foxbody parts! I love ordering new parts and putting them on, but my wifes opinion differs...she wants purses, i want parts..whatever.

So, im currently resto'ing a 1991 GT 5.0 Convertible, which is drivable, i just add stuff on here and there...The motor is stock with the exception of a CAI (CA Smog grr), I just had the AOD rebuilt with a 2500 stall, and shift kit, and i am now preparing to get my rear end rebuilt with 4.10's and trak-lok rebuild. I havent taken her to the track yet, maybe down the road i will...

Its a work in progress, but so far i have put in BBK U/L Control Arms, BBK CC plates, KYB-AGX Struts/Shocks, SVE Lowering Springs, and sitting on 17/8/10 PonyR's...

Im still pretty new to Mustangs, having been in it since 09, when i bought my first one..a 1989 LX Coupe 5.0. I was so new, that i bought her purely on looks (nice paint) but after i purchased her, i found out it was a 4 cylinder conversion, and the suspension/rear end were still from the 4 banger! I was pissed, but i learned my lesson. I have since moved on to a fairly clean Vert that wasnt "frankensteined" with different parts and different colors...I have also realized that having a Fox Mustang is fun to work on and easy...sort of like a honda, but NOT!

Pretty much all i have to say, but you can expect me to keep coming back to your site, and you taking all my money...which i dont mind at all...keep up the great work, and great products!


David Cahill's 1991 Ford Mustang 5.0 GT

David Cahill's 1991 Ford Mustang 5.0 GT

David Cahill's 1991 Ford Mustang 5.0 GT