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Jonathan Vincent - 1998 Ford Mustang coupe

This is my 1998 Mustang coupe. It is pretty much a base model V6/5-speed car, to which I have added a few things. The suspension has been completely redone, including lowering springs, urethane bushings throughout, and new Cobra style wheels. The interior is pretty much stock, except for a Pioneer sound system, and seats from a 1995 GT coupe. Although nothing special in the Mustang world, I still really like driving the car, and plan on keeping it for a long time. BTW, it has 226,000 original miles on the engine, which has had nothing more than regular maintenance, nothing more than tune-ups and oil changes. I have been pulled over a few times, once for doing 76 in a 35 zone, along the airport service road. Luckily, I was in my Air Force flight suit, so the cop wrote the ticket for a much lower speed! He told me that if he didn't realize I was military, I probably would have been going "downtown"!

Jonathan Vincent's 1998 Ford  Mustang coupe