James Blalock - 2006 Ford Mustang GT

This is Mustang #2. Mustang #1 and I were in a pretty bad accident. After the accident I refused to not own another Mustang so, I went out on the internet and came across this Tungsten Grey beauty. It came with all that you see in the picture. I named it "Eleanor" because I cant afford $150,000 to have one built so I took it upon myself to make it into one in my own image. Her and I have been successful in two street races against a Camaro and a cute little Mitsubishi Eclipse. Eleanor has mostly all stock parts, but thats about to change once I get back to the states from my deployment. I plan on adding a CAI from Steeda with an SCT tune, Mass airflow sensor from SCT, Trufiber RTF hood, and possibly a Roush front bumper.

James Blalock's 2006 Ford  Mustang GT