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Grant Roach - 1965 Factory Five Cobra

The car is so much fun and it’s super easy to work on. No, I didn’t get to build it. However, I wish I had. If you are on the fence about a Factory Five Roadster, GET ONE! Weekend road trips with my wife, Vicky, are so enjoyable and relaxing. At first she complained abut her hair getting messed up, so I bought her a ball cap and that stopped. The car gets so much attention and we meet so many people along the way who want to ask questions or are even thinking about building one themselves. Sometimes I’ll make a quick trip to HEB or Wal-Mart, park way out to keep it away from other cars, and return to find people taking pictures with it. A thirty minute trip turns into an hour because folks want to know everything about it. It’s fun though.

The paint job is flawless and looks at least three inches deep thanks to Gerald Moore at Mo Bro’s Hot Rods in OK City. He did the stripes correctly as you cannot feel their edges through the multilayer clear coat. As far as running gear, it couldn’t be more bone stock…1991 EFI 5.0 (351 firing order), T-5, stock brakes (yep, drums in the back) and a stock rear end with 3.73’s. One day I’ll build a supercharged spare engine (built correctly) for it, but for now I love being able to get in, crank it up, and go anywhere with confidence. It could be my daily driver if I wanted it to be. Sad to say, but it gets the best gas mileage of my three vehicles (93’ C1500, and 09’ Wrangler Unlimited).

Grant  Roach's 1965 Factory Five Cobra