Michael Lopez - 1993 Mustang Ford GT Convertible

Being the original owner is kind of cool but sad at the same time. Of course we all know this is the year of the holy grail Cobra R but after a fax confirmation from Red Bird Ford Duncanville Texas and my 10k deposit I was guarented delivery as soon as it came off the trailer. As many of us have had in the past car fever got the best of me. I saw this Eletric Current Red Mustang and being 5 speed and convertible got my juices flowing. I canceled yes canceled my Cobra R reservation and drove off the lot with this flagship. I kick myself every day as I see the Cobra R but smile knowing that all my classmates high school cars are wrecked or turned in for minivans. With the 69k original miles, virgin spare tire in the trunk, window sticker, warranty credit card, and "keep and record" key tags makes many say wow you are old school. I have enjoyed this car for more than 20 years and tell many you have not lived till you have owned and driven a V8 Mustang.

Michael Lopez's 1993 Mustang Ford GT Convertible