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Brad Page - 2011 Ford Mustang GT

As the "RIPCHVY" license plate announces, my all black Reaper is the nightmare haunting the dreams of bowtie wearing little boys everywhere.

Beyond the visible cosmetic parts I've added to take my mule to a more sinister yet still traditional look, I've spent a small fortune under the hood and on the suspension to make this ghost unshakable whether in a straight line dash or weaving around a track.

Boss 302 Intake manifold
Airraid Boss CAI
BBK Throttle body
Bama Custom Tune
Boss front splitter
Roush side and rear splitters
Ford Racing Boss 302R cams
Boss 302R heads and valves
Ford Racing handling pack
Ford Racing 18" wheels
Nitto high performance tires
...several more things....

My car is my obsession, a grown man's very expensive Leggo set, if you will. The wife claims I wash my car more often than I wash my own rear-end and simply tell her that no one has looked at my butt in over 15 years but I make sure someone is looking at my car daily.

Brad Page's 2011 Ford Mustang GT