Ian Deel - 1995 Mustang GT

I have had this car for almost 10 years now and it has had a long and crazy life. It rolled off of a 3 foot embankment, blew a transmission, have had a couple run-ins with lawman, and etc. Long story short......... it's a badass.

I am 21 years old and work a full time job and I am trying to start my own hot rod business up, building and restoring the SN chassis. I want this car to be the front runner for my business and to show what I am all about.

Ive put a lot of time and money into this car and I think it deserves to be seen, its a race car and not a show piece. I build my cars to race and play with not to put in a garage and look at and wish I could drive it.

It has plasti-dip on it and it is definitely a 50 footer but that is what I built it for. The unexpected assassin.!!!!!

The mods:
Tubular K
tubular rear control arms
GT40 stuff
throttle body
stainless headers and x pipe
slp loudmouths
3:27 gear
cobra transmission
ram clutch..............ehhh the list could go on forever.

Well here it is.

Ian Deel's 1995 Mustang GT

Ian Deel's 1995 Mustang GT