Arlene Creighton - 1992 Ford GT

One owner, my 3rd GT. Used to have a '90 and '91. Has 105k original miles, 5-spd m/t. The dealer salesman loved me coming 3 years in a row to buy new Mustangs. My car has NEVER had its check engine light on! It current has the air bag light that flashes, but that's a different story. Original engine, all I've changed in this car since new have been the air filter for a K&N, exhaust to Dynomax Super Turbos, new Steeda caster/camber plates and sway/stabilization bar. Other obvious things are repainting to original color and adding original ford color stripes and a double din cd/stereo, of course! Still has original tranny as well. My seats are like new. I do need new sunvisors which are dry rotted and new door pockets which are all stretched out. I love my car and so does everybody at the gas station when I pump! (I always receive a comment) ;)

Arlene Creighton's 1992 Ford GT