David Cahill - 1989 Ford Mustang

302 motor that needs a little work, dual orange (San Francisco Giants baby!!!!) racing stripes on the 4" cowl hood and trunk (yes folks, its a NOTCHBACK!!)just ordered mass back carpet from yallz and rear coupe tray (black) MP3/cd stereo ipod hook up, 16" black ponies, flowmaster but i wanna change the tips to the stock LX (looks better) 88 GT door panels (new) updating parts here and there thru your business, you guys are great..that catalog is my new bible lol...looking forward to purchasing more and more parts for my notch (when the wife is coo with it):(

oh, and i bought this car a couple months ago, so its my first mustang (always wanted a notch) i plan on bringing it back to stock or close to it...thanks LRS

David Cahill's 1989 Ford Mustang