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Michael Mulesky - 1991 GT 5.0 Ford

it has a rebuilt engine with a 93 upper and lower intake, 1.6 comp cam rr's, ford a/c delete, bbk cold air intake,65mm bbk throttle body,73mm maf C&L, march under drive pullies, 373 gears, hotchkis rear upper and lower control arms & cast cambers, battle boxes, short throw shifter.

i had a 1990 that was stolen and totaled and i only had liability, so i saved up and got a 91 same color and body. since having my new one i have still had people try to steal it, someone popped my driverside key hole off, and ive have my front winshield and driverside smashed in and both left side tires slashed, prior to that i was driving one day and my hood flew up and smashed my winshield that being the second glass ive had to put on.

with that being said ive gotten alot of these listed parts from LMR to bring it back to life and out of all the 5.0s you have for the rides section you have no silver foxes, id be really really happy everyday that i go to the website to see my car that ive spent so much time on in the rides section. thanks alot ill be be ordering a new ford racing driveshaft and clutch soon thanks guys your the best!

Michael Mulesky's 1991 GT 5.0 Ford