scott shankle - 1996 ford mustang

I bought this 1996 Mustang GT 5 speed off of craigslist for 4,800. I was so pumped. That was four years ago am I still love her, if not more. A lot of people give the 96-98s a hard time, but I love them. The car has been kept pretty simple and streetable as it needs to pass smog in Cali...thats right cats and all the fun stuff.

As of right now the car has: K&N FIPK Gen II cold air intake, steeda tri-ax shifter, steeda clutch cable/quadrant/firewall adjuster, MAC "true-fit" cat back, stock h-pipe and exhaust manifold for now, 17x8" black Bullitt wheels, powerslot slotted rotors, Maximum Motorsports caster camber plates, FRPP springs with BBK urethane, Pro Car seats, Shrader performance rear seat delete, Maximum Motorsports 4-point roll cage, rear spoiler removed, '96 Corvette Grand Sport inspired fender stripes in yellow, Fluidyne aluminum radiator, Moroso coolant tank, Mishimoto blue silicone hose set, and a few other goodies.

I have more to come, but only when the money allows it. I really love LRS, as they answer all my questions and always have the parts I need. Thanks for checking out my '96 GT.

scott shankle's 1996 ford  mustang