Austin Hundley - 1988 Ford Mustang

I bought this car for $500 out of a tow yard. it had been sitting there for about five years because it belonged to one of the employees and he was basically just storing it. It was no where even close to starting when i bought it after three weeks of working on it and replacing basically every ignition and fuel delivery component, flushing and replacing all the fluids we got it to start. now 6 months later its primered and ready for paint. It has Drilled/Slotted rotors, 17" cobras with 255/40 in the rear and 245/45 in the front, it has CAI, MSD ignition, chrome valve covers and dress up parts. The original GT hatch was rusted through so i bought a replacement off of an LX and was pleasently suprised by how well the LX spoiler looks on the GT, almost a 03/04 cobra look. Its a project car that i work on with a buddy from school whos got an 88 convertible. The area i live in, we're probably the only kids our age that even appreciate the 5.0 much less even know what they are seeing as they were around before we were even born. Also gonna lower the car soon. and Im painting it white with the Blue shelby stripes and getting new clear headlights

Austin Hundley's 1988 Ford Mustang