Kasey Ragle - 2001 Ford Lightning

2.6 Kenne Bell blower, Built motor with Modmax Rods, Diamond Pistons, Kellog Crank, Stage 3 ported heads with Stage 3 Crower cams, 10lb Lower, Stock Upper, Punisher Valve Body, PI 2600 Stall, OBX Longtubes, Catless Mids, Bassani Catback, QA-1's on all corners, Eibach Drop, JLP IC Res, JLP Overflow Res, JLT Intake, SCT 2400 MAF, Killer Chiller, Dual Interceptor Gauges, AEM Wideband, Autometer Boost Gauge, Centerline Qualifiers with 390/40/17 M&H Drag Radials

Kasey Ragle's 2001 Ford Lightning