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Graham Denzler - 1993 Ford Mustang LX

My name is Graham Denzler, I currently reside in Durham NC and am in school for auto body repair at Guilford Technical Community College, and I am a PT concert photographer (just google my name). Since I first saw the fox body Mustang I feel in love. Been dreaming of owning one, but like most family members do. They told me that I can't afford one..haha. Well I ended up getting one years down the road after all and here is a little story on my history with her and project she has become . . .

Bought this Mustang back in Dec of 2004, bone stock from a used car lot. First thing I knew what I wanted to do was had Flowmaster American Thunder exhaust to it to get that nice rumble to it. After that came the BBK Short Headers, then a mac pro off road H pipe. Added some KY Struts down the road, sub frame connectors and then some after market chrome Cobra rims.

Then in May 2006, some one keyed her from front tire to rear tire on the driver side. Friends told me to get this guy we all knew to fix her, that he can paint the whole car for less than the cost of fixing the scratch. Four years later the paint started to fade, and show signs of the inferior job he did. As proof is seen in the front bumper peeling.

Then in 2009, i found out the engine went dead on her. Luckily I just came into some $$$ so I started to research what type of engine i wanted to put in her. I knew I didn't want to put to re-maned engine in her from NAPA or Advance Auto Parts. I then found a company called ATK Engines and looked into them some and the warranty they have, and decided to go with a engine from ATK High performance engines. I called my salesman Bryan at Late Model Restoration about the upcoming engine swap and parts I need. Made a order that included the Cobra intake, BBk adjustable fuel pressure regulator, MSD ingnition kit (distributor, 6AL2 ignition box, blaster coil, wires) RAM clutch kit, Mishimoto Radiator. Even threw in a MGW shifter.

Well I am now in the 2nd semester in school and am lucky enough have brought my Mustang into class for me and 2-3 students to work on. And I am making sure that she is done properly. Before I brought her into school, I started talking off any part of her and bringing it inside so I won't have to do it later on at school. Took of the window trim, roof rail molding, headlights, rear 1/4 windows.
I started to grind some of the paint off and found out she has 3 layers on her. Paint (from paint job from the scratch), the original paint, and primer. We ground off the roof, the hatchback area, and top of the front fenders. And sprayed a epoxy primer surfacer on the bare metal until the rest of the car is ground down the bare metal.
Painting her back to the REEF BLUE METALLIC and throwing a 2" cowl hood, Cobra front bumper, and body kit, and window trim on her. All provided by Late Model Restoration. This is just some pictures of the engine in her today, the process of her getting painted. More pictures to come if I am able to upload them hahaha

Graham Denzler's 1993 Ford Mustang LX